Our Mission & Vision


Our mission is to set standard of excellence for skilled nursing facilities by providing exceptional care that enhances the quality of life for our clients with respect and dignity. Establish service oriented institutions based on humane, philanthropic and secular principles of love to provide food for the hungry, clothes for the unclad, shelter for the destitute, and care for the sick. Establish service oriented institutions based on the ethnic principle of love, fraternity, compassion and sacrifice.

Every Agape Assisted Living team member is trained to understand the value of the Sunrise Senior Living mission, our Principles of Service and our Core Values, and to use them to guide interactions with residents and team members.

The Foundress of Agape Assisted Living, Molly T Philip started before thirteen years with a clear mission to champion quality of life for all seniors. Our resident-centered philosophy of care continues evolving to deliver individualized service based on the needs of today's seniors.

At Agape Assisted Living our mission is to provide excellence in residential care to the elderly through knowledge, dedication and innovation.

Our expertise and devotion make a difference to the people and community we serve. Agape Assisted Living offers an alternative to institutionalization by combining housing with personal care and assistance.

Our mission is fulfilled by serving residents while adhering to these basic philosophies:

  • We will provide quality care in an open and honest manner
  • We will serve the elderly and their families
  • We will recognize each resident as a unique, and as a whole individual
  • We will accommodate residents in a clean, comfortable and stimulating home like environment
  • We will respect privacy, independence and individuality
  • We will support and encourage family involvement
  • We will preserve connections with the surrounding community



With our dedicated and passionate team of professionals, Agape Assisted Living will be an influential and forward-thinking senior and patient care institution. We will provide a full range of in-home healthcare services, specializing in highly complex care. Agape Assisted Living will produce high quality outcomes, focus on employee excellence through ongoing and thorough education, and attain exceptional customer satisfaction by carefully matching caregiver expertise to patient need, all while maintaining a culture of compassion.

Our Vision is grounded by the following:

Providing high-quality, personalized care in a warm environment, we are nestled in a cozy, country setting. We recognize that our facility is more than just a business. It is a personalized service centered ministry based on the ethnic values of secularism, fraternity, quality and compassion to serve our families with caring hearts and helping hands. Our facility is licensed by the State of Texas for us and in State Government of Kerala with annual inspections and regular rating reviews.

Our Senior Care Home will strive to accomplish our Vision by committing to:

  • Knowing the needs and preferences of each resident.
  • Fostering an environment of loving compassionate care.
  • Taking the time to know and minister to the family as well as to the resident.
  • Promoting excellence in every department.


Our Guiding Core Values

Our Strategic Plan brings together our strengths to provide a humanity, fraternity and companionate-centered environment where residents and their families are more than clients. Building friendly relationships with each resident and their families is a high priority. The strategic direction of Shepherd Senior Living is guided by the basic beliefs and values inherent in the Mission and Vision of the organization:

  • Quality - Enhancing the quality of life through excellent services
  • Honesty - Dealing with our clients, employees, and families in an open and forthright manner
  • Professionalism - Serving in a professional manner
  • Love - Serving as a loving extension of Christ’s hands
  • Respect - Providing an environment where all are valued
  • Thankfulness - Serving gratefully
  • Our Principles of Service:

    Preserving Dignity

    We value the unique life experiences of every senior and give each person the respect they deserve. For example, Sunrise's Reminiscence Neighborhoods are designed to engage residents living with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of memory loss in meaningful activities that give them a sense of purpose and create pleasant days.

    Nurturing the Spirit

    We care for the whole person — mind, body and spirit. Sunrise team members care for the physical needs of our residents, and are committed to providing opportunities for social interaction, mental exercise and spiritual fulfillment through programming and activities that suit each resident's preferences.

    Celebrating Individuality

    Every resident is unique. We recognize that each person has a life story that we want to hear and understand. Through personal, daily interaction we develop an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) based on the unique characteristics, wellness needs and preferences of each resident.

    Enabling Freedom of Choice

    Options are a way of life at Sunrise, from our dining room where there's always a special menu of home-cooked meals along with à la carte favorites to a resident's suite, where they can wake up as late or as early as they want — just like they've always done. The Sunrise way of life empowers seniors to go about their day however they like.

    Encouraging Independence

    We promote self-reliance in whatever ways are possible and comfortable for our residents. Our communities are specially designed to encourage mobility in a safe environment, and designated care managers are trained to support our residents' choices whenever appropriate.

    Involving Family and Friends

    Family and friends are welcome to participate in all community activities and events. We encourage guests to spend time with residents at any time of day or night, so you never have to plan around "visiting hours." We also recognize the importance of communicating openly and regularly with family members to ensure we are providing the very best service for our residents.



    LIST OF RELEIFS on admission to Agape Assisted Living

  • No rent to be paid
  • No Maintenance charges to be paid to the housing Society
  • No Corporation tax is required to be paid
  • No Water Tax is required to be paid
  • No Electric Bill is required to be paid
  • No Rental charge is required to be paid for maintenance of Telephone
  • No headache of maintaining gadgets
  • No salaries are required to be paid to the Servants
  • No headache of cooking food
  • No requirement to go to the daily market for vegetables, milk, egg, fish, chicken/mutton
  • No expenditure for daily marketing and groceries
  • No headache of worrying for the absentee servants
  • No headache of washing regular clothes thus no expense in this head
  • No headache to look for Plumber
  • No headache to look for carpenter for repair works
  • No headache to look for mason for repair works
  • No headache to look for painter
  • No headache to answer the door bell throughout the day
  • No headache of locking the house for the night
  • No banging of head is required to run the house
  • No headache of arrangement to visit doctor
  • No tension of how and by whom the treatment is to be started in case of major illness
  • No headache for maintaining personal hygiene like clipping of nails etc
  • No headache of maintaining a car and driver
  • No Insurance and Road Tax is to be paid for the car
  • Many More